it’s a big, ambitious project

Our mission has started taking shape when we realised the need for a reference point for men’s clothing, a single place where men can find all the finest fashion brands of the moment. To do this we immediately understood the importance of joining forces with a country that has made fashion one of its most profitable industries and craftsmanship one of its most significant values – that is, Italy. That’s why we design our collections in Beirut, our hometown, and produce our items in Italy, paying great attention to quality and the manufacturing process.

Berlin and Beirut
are only the first stages of a journey
that is still in progress

Menswear premium brands Berlin and Beirut

Founded in Beirut in 2014, ForeandAft was created to give men what the founders were struggling to find: a one-stop menswear destination that offers diversified brands yet with a coherent style. This is how we started our collaboration with quality brands, which have enriched our collections with manufactured italian menswear.

Berlin and Beirut therefore represent the crowning achievement of a journey that has just begun.

Made in Italy menswear Berlin and Beirut

Despite the fact that our mission was taking shape, we felt the lack of a real signature on what we were doing. We at ForeandAft never made a mystery about the importance for us to be attentive to the quality and the value of the items we selected. However, we felt the need to have, in a way, our say about it. That’s why in 2017 we decided to launch our official brand. As the second home of ForeandAft the brand we chose a country that has a great tradition in fashion: Italy, home of textile manufacturing. Here we started to create our own products by combining a minimalist, sharp and clean aesthetics with an extreme attention to fit and finishing. Our advance in Europe has therefore continued with the opening of our first store in Berlin, a city that today is taking on a role of great relevance in the world of menswear. Now, relying on a stronger and growing international team,  we are excited to see where the journey will take us next.