Premium Mens Clothing Berlin and Beirut

Style is something necessary that distinguishes each of us. It is a set of several factors – not only the clothing, but also the way of behaving, talking, thinking, walking. Style is a state that belongs only to you. It is the sincere reflection of your personality.
And clothing is also an integral part of your style. Dressing up with style does not necessarily mean wearing a jacket and tie – it means putting together the garments you wear with personality and harmony. And give vent to creativity.

Style is what elevates us, what makes us different, unique and special, because it is something of ours, the result of our thoughts. That’s why style is special – it is our trademark.

To help you choose the perfect style for you, we at ForeandAft decided to make our experience and products available in two stores located in two cities that currently play a key role in the fashion scene: Berlin and Beirut. Two cities that celebrate originality, freedom and research: no matter what style you choose – you will feel at home here.

Beirut and Berlin Fashion

Berlin is synonymous with art and design, and is characterized by a cultural approach that comes from its history and its “diversity”. Today, the German capital is a city that offers a lot of freedom, especially when it comes to dressing. That’s why people here tend to experiment a lot with their own style. If you are looking for original ideas to enrich your style, just get lost in the streets of this eclectic city and meet new people: you will find inspiration around every corner!

Beirut is a lively city, full of charm and culture. Throughout its history, no other city in the Middle East has proved to be a centre of art and fashion like Beirut. Characterized by the fusion of East and West, tradition and modernity, the Lebanese capital has earned the nickname “The Paris of the Middle East”. This fashion centre is home to world-famous designers, who also design clothes worn by Hollywood stars when they parade on red carpets at international festivals. If you are trying to add value to your style and aren’t afraid to dare, Beirut is the city for you!

Menswear Collection

There is no such thing as a “man’s style”, because every man has his own unique style – whether it’s sporty, elegant, fashionable or hipster. At ForeandAft, we know this very well, as this is the basis for our product offering. To satisfy the tastes of all our customers, we have created a series of unique collections, each of which represents a different concept of menswear. Always keeping the focus on quality as a firm point, we have brought together different items from premium mens clothing brands in Berlin and Beirut under three banners: casual, smart and formal.