Berlin style Men

Efficiency and practicality: these are the words that are usually associated with a country like Germany, and hardly according to the popular imagination are combined with the concept of elegance and what can be perceived as fashion. We usually consider other towns as cities of fashion – and yet in recent years the situation has been changing.

German fashion, in particular Berlin fashion, is increasingly stepping out of the shadows, so much so that Berlin is now imposing itself as one of the most prolific places, even bypassing, in a way, traditional fashion centers such as Milan or Paris.

This is especially true for Berlin men style, which has been able to take advantage of this new wave of alternative-chic fashion to offer both casual, smart and formal options – always under the banner of minimalism and sophistication.

This new wave of fashion has also spread to other cities, such as the British capital. The clear opposition between Berlin vs London men’s style – minimalism vs quirkiness – is now being overcome, thus giving way to a new style that promotes individuality and comfort. As if that were not enough, the attitude that influences German fashion has allowed the development of trends such as Berlin street style men, of which the German capital has become the undisputed home over the years.

Berlin Street Style Men

Sweatshirts, sweatpants, ripped jeans and T-shirts: street style has officially become a trend. The hippie, hip hop, grunge, punk styles have been earmarks of urban subcultures for half a century before becoming mainstream. Born as examples of anti-fashion because deliberately conceived as anti-system, these fashion trends have inspired designers in Milan, New York and Paris.

However, today there is only one city that can dictate the rules of street style – that is Berlin, the perfect place to shop for minimal and chic clothing. Berlin men’s street style is now conquering the world, because it is able to speak a single language, which anyone can understand because of its simplicity. The immediacy of this style is also transmitted by those who act as a magnifying glass of all that fashion dictates – that is the most known influencer and best instagramers. Berlin street style men, in fact, appears as a protagonist in the social profiles of some of the most famous personalities on the Web, which share shots wearing sneakers and streetwear.

One of the aspects that makes streetwear extremely special is the fact that it can be adapted to any season: shorts and T-shirts are all you need to get a Berlin street style men summer, while heavier sweatpants with durable sneakers are the winning combination for a Berlin men’s street style winter. In short, Berlin must necessarily be the home of streetwear: a city that has made integration and globalization its strength, can only be the fertile ground for the birth of an inclusive style, which contains many different shades.